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You will have 13 ("lucky") minutes with each of 6 pros to play them a few songs and ask them all of your questions. Think of this as a speed date to your next big break!

Approx. every two weeks, 1 hour 30 mins per session.  In person or via Skype


Please make contact with us via email (speedpitch13@gmail.com) to sign up for an event before paying online.






FIVE writers have secured PUBLISHING DEALS after meeting at the Speed Pitch!


"[It] was a breath of fresh air compared to many of the people who listen to a song and don't say a word about it.” - Dan from Texas 

"[The] night was great...totally informative. Learned so much. Look forward to another in the future. - Michelle from NY















If you are confirmed as a participant VIA SKYPE, you will receive specific song submission instructions.

Here is a brief recap of those instructions:


Click on the JOBS tab at the top and you can select the Speed Pitch date in which you are participating
 On the right hand side, click "upload tracks"
*ONCE THIS WHITE BOX OPENS, DO NOT CLICK OUTSIDE OF IT UNTIL YOU SUBMIT. If you do, you will unfortunately lose what you had been working on. 
 Select your song using the Browse button. 
 (You will be browsing the files on your Computer, so it is helpful to have your songs ready in an easily accessible folder.)
 Please use the "Note" box for your lyrics, separately for each track.  
 (Copy and paste your lyrics directly into the white box.)
 You can select your 9 songs by clicking "Add Another MP3" and repeating the process above (8 times)
 When you have all 9 songs and lyrics entered into this box, click SUBMIT at the bottom. 
 It will take a few minutes. Do not refresh your page as your songs upload.
Please email or call if you have any questions or problems. 
The Speed Pitch team




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